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A. 英语电影赏析

F1: The Horse Whisperer
F2: The Ghost
F3: Sound of Music
F4: One-Runaway Bride
F5: Jane Eyre
F6: Roman Holliday
F7: Gone with the Wind
F8: The Shawshank Redemption
Ⅰ. Questions
In this section, there are 16 questions about the 8 films listed above; you are to choose 8 of them to answer in complete sentences. (48%)

1. Make a brief introction about Tom Booker in F1?
Answer:The story is about after girl named Geris who was 14 years old and her favourite horse were both injured,the girl’s heart was badly hurt,then she was not willing to speak any more.Her mother,Annie, knew that her destiny was contacted with the horse tightly.So she tried every method to find someone who could communicate with horses,and finally ,she succeeded,the man lived in Montana called Tom.With the help of Tom ,Geris regained her confidence of life,while Tom and Annie experienced a love that couldn’t be coalescent.

2. F1 is a simple plot line but conveys a heart-felt message, what is it?
Answer: Each of them takes their own paths but make it through some trying times, emerging stronger than when they began.

3. Who killed Sam and Why in F2?
Answer:He was robbed when come back from a play

4. To whom did Oda Mae make out the money and Why in F2?
Answer:To Carl for he didn't want he get the money.

5. Why does Captain Von Trap treat his children like in an army in F3?
Answer:Because his children had no mother,he hope all his children to be great .

6. Why do they sing in the Festival in F3?
Answer:They sang the "The Sound of Music” for Mary was leaving.

7 What decision had Ike made in order to find out the truth in F4?
Answer:He wanted to write a subject based on the woman’s story and lampooned it.

8. Why did Maggie change her mind to cooperate with Ike in F4?
Answer:Because she felt discomfitured with the subject he wrote when she was ready to marry to her forth husband.

9. Why is Jane so determined to leave Mr. Rochester in F5?
Answer:Because she found that Robert had already married.

10. How do the dialogues between Jane and Mr. Rochester display Jane’s character in F5?
Answer:The way she showed love is equal for each other and not other else,so the dialogue was flat but touching.

11. Why did Princess Ann run out of the palace she lived in Rome in F6?
Answer:Because she couldn’t bear the loneness in her palace.

12. Why did Joe Bradley pretend not to recognize Princess Ann at first in F6?
Answer:Because he wanted to catch the opportunity and made a lot of money.

13. What is the historical setting of the story in F7?
Answer:Before the war happened the south and the north. in 1861.

14. What is the love between Scarlett and Rhett like in F7? (Or why does Rhett never say “I love you” to Scarlett though he loves her so much?)
Answer:They love each other deeply that beyond words could express.

15. In the beginning of the F8, Andy was accused of murdering his cheating wife and his lover, and was sent to Shawshank Penitentiary. Was he the real murderer?
Answer:No ,he wasn’t.

16. What are the messages the story tries to convey to the audience in F8?
Answer:It tries to convey us the message that we should always remember freedom,friendship and hope.Never give up ,just head for what we stick..Let hope fill our heart all the time.

Ⅱ Write a review about one of the eight films you have watched in the class in about 300 words.(52%)

Jane Eyre — A Beautiful Soul
Jane Eyre, is a poor but aspiring, small in body but huge in soul, obscure but self-respecting girl. After we close the covers of the book, after having a long journey of the spirit, Jane Eyre, a marvelous figure, has left us so much to recall and to think:
We remember her goodness: for someone who lost arms and blinded in eyes, for someone who despised her for her ordinariness, and even for someone who had hurt her deeply in the past.
We remember her pursuit of justice. It’s like a companion with the goodness. But still, a virtuous person should promote the goodness on one side and must check the badness on the other side.
We remember her self-respect and the clear situation on equality. In her opinion, everyone is the same at the God’s feet. Though there are differences in status、in property and also in appearance, but all the human being are equal in personality.
We also remember her striving for life, her toughness and her confidence…
When we think of this girl, what she gave us was not a pretty face or a transcendent temperament that make us admire deeply, but a huge charm of her personality.

Actually, she wasn’t pretty, and of course, the ordinary appearance didn’t make others feel good of her, even her own aunt felt disgusted with it. And some others even thought that she was easy to look down on and to tease, so when Miss Ingram met Jane Eyre, she seemed quite contemptuous, for that she was obviously much more prettier than ‘the plain and ugly governess’. But as the little governess had said: ‘Do you think, because I am poor, obscure, plain, and little, I am soulless and heartless? You think wrong!’ This is the idea of equality in Jane Eyre’s mind. God hadn’t given her beauty and wealth, but instead, God gave her a kind mind and a thinking brain. Her idea of equality and self-respect impress us so much and let us feel the power inside her body.
In my mind, though a person’s beauty on the face can make others once feel that one is attractive and charming, if his or her mind isn’t the same beautiful as the appearance, such as beauty cannot last for, when others find that the beauty which had charmed them was only a falsity, it’s not true, they will like the person no more. For a long time, only a person’s GREat virtue, a noble soul, a beautiful heart can be called as AN EVERLASTING BEAUTY, just as Kahill Gibran has said, that ‘Beauty is a heart enflamed and a soul enchanted’. I can feel that how beauty really is, as we are all fleshly men, so we can’t distinguish whether a man is of nobleness or humbleness, but fleshly men, so we can’t distinguish whether a man is of nobleness or humbleness, but as there are great differences in our souls, and from that, we can know that whether a man is noble or ordinary, and even obscure, that is, whether he is beautiful or not.
Her story makes us thinking about life and we learn much from her experience, at least, that is a fresh new recognition of the real beauty.

B. 英语演讲稿介绍一部电影,题目怎么写

《A film touching the deepest in your heart》
这是给电影《A beautiful mind》(美丽心灵)的演讲稿标题,请参考
祝你好运!Good luck!


C. 英语电影赏析问答及翻译

翻译:1 In order to earn a large amount of money,he decided to write an exclusive about "Runaway Pricess"


3 为什么麦琪在她的婚礼上逃跑了?(逃跑新娘)

D. 英语电影赏析题目拜托

楼主,不好意思,我是高中学生,不是所有书都看过,只看过《GONE WITH THE WIND》,《SOUND OF MUSIC》,《JANE EYRE》,《GONE WITH THE WIND》,其他都有印象,但不熟,只能帮你这个。

F1.我个人不喜欢斯嘉丽这个角色,太能作了。Scarlett loved Ashley but Ashley was a reality man ,Ashley has saw clearly that the southern part was destined to fail.Ashley didn't love Scarlett.In one hand Scarlett loved Ashley and in another hand Scarlett used the love of Butler to satisfied her vanity. She was so silly and at last she realized that the man who really loved her and she loved to was Butler but she had lost his love. Scarlett was staunch(坚强的),contradiction(矛盾的)and silly to love.She was inflexible to life and believed herself and overcame all the troubles.In some way Scarlett represented a kind of southern women.

F3.Because Jane knew Rochester had wife ,Jane is a women who has a great sense of self-respect,she was not willing to be a sweetheart.
Though Jane was not beautiful but she had dignity.

F5.Because Captain Von himself was a military men,so he treat his children like in an army.In another word,Von's wife had passed away.Before this,Von was also a men full of tenderness,he loved his wife and children.But after his wife's death,he found the world had lost its colour,so he hid his tenderness and lost his sense of humor.
He became solemn and be strict with his children.

F7.这个问题很简单。Because princess Ann was just a child,she has been tired of the lives in the royal family.In the royal family,Ann was trict with every way and couldn't do the things what she would like to.So she chose running away ,and tasted the winderful life of a man in a street.




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